Hey Tribers, let's introduce ourselves! (UPDATED)

I've noticed that I've been communicating with some of you Tribers for quite a while, without ever knowing anything about who you are and why you participate in this forum. Besides that, I'm curious to know what types of people are interested in Microsoft news. So let's introduce ourselves! ;)

  • How old are you, and where are you from? Boy or girl? :)
  • What do you do for a living? Do you work in IT?
  • What makes you wanna read about and talk about Microsoft and Windows?
  • What are your other interests besides tech?
  • How did you come up with your username?

Let me kick this off:

  • 26, male, from Austria (German speaking)
  • Medical student. No relation to professional IT. Pure consumer.
  • I first saw a WP device years ago when it was still WP7 (one of very few WP devices I've ever seen in the wild), and decided to get a WP device as my first smartphone. Ever since I've more and more learned to appreciate the effectiveness and simplicity of MS's new OSs and services. Windows devices (Surface 2, Lumia 925) and MS services (OneNote, OneDrive, Xbox Music) play an important part in my everyday life. So basically I'm interested in MS because I happen to use their products to improve different aspects of my life, the most important aspect being planning and note taking (OneNote). Besides that, tech news can be entertaining and somehow relaxing to read - there's always something new to learn about, it never gets boring.
  • My other interests are music and any forms of art.
  • You may know me by my former username "Hobel". Both "Hobel" and "Taube" are just random German words that I chose because I'm too lazy to think of meaningful names. Hobel means wood plane, Taube (pronounced: "tow-" as in "tower", "-be" as in "benedict") means dove.


Thanks for the many comments! They are really exciting to read.

Some observations:

  • Not a single female Triber so far.
  • Most of us are "young adults", average age about 25.
  • Although both the Verge and Microsoft are based in the US, most of us are from other parts of the world.
  • To a lot of us, Metro - especially WP7 - seem to be part of the reason why we got interested in Microsoft.