Instagram, why would this be so hard to do? (tablet landscape layout)

Instagram has long neglected the tablet, on both android and iOS. Not only have they neglected the tablet, but the landscape orientation.

Here is a concept mockup I did specifically for the Nexus 7. I am not trying to reinvent the wheel here, just basic changes to better use the tablet's landscape orientation. Everything would work the same, vertical scrolling, etc. Let me know if you like, if so, I'll make a more complete mockup collection showing the navigation drawer, different orientations, and different screens.




  • actually able to rotate...
  • floating "Take a picture" button in the lower right - similar to the current stock alarm / clock app
  • navigation drawer (inside would include the profile, and whatever those other tabs are that I never use anyway)
  • translucent action bar similar to Google Keep (I tried messing around with translucency in the action bars and I did not like the balance, but if people want to see that I can work on one)
  • small change I added was behind the author's name I have small thumbnails (faded with white) of the last four images that author has posted