Surface 2 or iPad air

This saturday, I got my iPad 2 stolen from me. Now, I used my iPad on school every day. Documents, mail, notes, contacts, schedule.. everything was on there. Now with it gone, I need to find a replacement. The natural thing would be to get an iPad air, it's fast, stable, good looking and it has all the apps that I am used to. I also have an macbook air, so it would fit well together.

But; I also have a windows phone 8. I absolutely love the concept of live tiles, and I think the design of it is great. I use MS office quite a lot as a student, and it comes pre-installed. So, I am looking at surface 2, it looks good, it's relatively fast, it has office and is a bit cheaper than an iPad. But then again, I have spent a lot of money on apps for the iPad.

So I'm in a bit of a dilemma. What should I get? I would love to hear some input from those of you who have owned a surface, or preferably both, what are your thoughts, what should I get?