USB OTG problem with Venue 8 Pro

Last week I purchased a used Dell Venue 8 Pro because I wanted a small tablet with digitizer. I'm actually positively surprised by this tablet.

This Weekend I connected a USB OTG cable to plug in my USB stick (a Kingston Hyper-X 64GB USB 3.0). It worked fine for a Minute or so, but then the stick suddenly disconnected. Shortly after that I was Hearing the typical Windows connect and disconnect sounds repeatedly. I unplugged the stick and then tried to reconnect it several times, but the Venue 8 Pro wouldn't even recognize it anymore.

So then I plugged the stick in at my PC and for some reason it was always detected as an empty drive with "no medium" in it. I couldn't even clean the stick with DISKPART because it was empty. I was searching the web for hours to find a small tool which restores the Firmware and luckily I could Format the stick after that.

What I did next was basically the same as before: copy a bunch of files onto the stick, plug it into the USB OTG Adapter on the Venue 8 Pro and guess what - the same Thing happened again. The USB stick is now broken again and I'll Need to fix it again.

Has anyone ever experienced something similar? Is it possible that the OTG cable is faulty or is there something wrong with the Venue 8 Pro?

PS: Can anyone recommend a good portable Bluetooth mouse which doesn't require a USB Receiver?