Bi-Weekly non-gear thread "Manifesto" (April 7 - April 18)

Welcome to the alpha test of the weekly non-gear thread.

The goal of this thread is to have a discussion on various photography topics that do not have to do with gear. If you have any ideas on subject matter feel free to message me and I'll make it happen.

This now a bi-weekly thing because I can't think of topics fast enough.

A few rules…

1) Keep an open mind. Debates are bound to pop-up so let's keep it friendly. (though imo the lens forum has a lot of nice people and basically troll free compared to the other places like the comment sections on the Verge)

2) Have fun! That's about it for now


I'm a history nerd so I end up looking into the past for all subjects I'm interested in, this of course includes photography. I recently looked into the Italian futurist movement of the 1900s which is all about speed and technology. Photography was still a fairly new thing so there were a lot of techniques still yet to be discovered. Out from this movement came something called Photodynamism and the whole goal was the capture the feeling of movement. Here's an optional reading of the manifesto of Photodynamism. I found this interesting as it is a very well thought out reasoning for these extremely abstract photos.


So the topic this week is about the ideas/subjects/topics that you want to capture. Are you leaning towards a particular style of photography? What subjects are you interested in shooting? Or perhaps you're trying a bit of everything to see what you like? Do you have a 'manifesto' for your photography?