Nexus 5 vs. Moto G? (Help me choose!)

I need your help Googleplex!

I am a student from the Philippines needing for a new phone. I rely on my parents to buy me one so I can only consider to buy a good priced phone.

I consider the following features:

DISPLAY (Better screen size. And does 720p and 1080p have a difference?)

CAMERA (I'm kind of an enthusiast in photography so it's a really appealing feature to have a nice camera. Is the difference in quality a lot?)

PERFORMANCE (Does the Nexus perform so much quicker than the Moto G? Or is the Moto G quick enough, stutter free like the Nexus 5?)

FEELING ON HAND (I have average hands and I really like how the GS4 fits in my hand. Although I really haven't seen and touched a Moto G yet.)


*The interchangeable back of the Moto G appeals to me cause I find it "cool" to have different backs every day.

*If Nexus 5, what color?

Thanks in advance! Cheers.