Could something like this be possible?

(NOTE: this is not strictly Microsoft related, but for me it is, explained below)

I am user of many Windows products, each with the same music collection, although not always perfectly in sync. Because of the ecosystem I am a part of, there is a high amount if sharing going on between devices. The sharing I have not seen though, is the feature I want most. The ability to easily sync music across devices, and also switch to anorexic device without losing your spot in the song.

The ability to sync music across devices is a big one for me, and I'm not talking about Xbox Music Cloud. I mean a feature that let's you almost manually add music. Here's what I envision:

  • So say I buy a song through Xbox Music or even iTunes on my laptop and add it to my collection in Xbox Music.
  • The new song is added to a separate list, let's call it "Cloud Music", which is the place for all my music, from all my devices to go after being added to my collection on any device.
  • The "Cloud Music" is available on all of my devices through Xbox Music
  • I can then go into the cloud Music list on my phone, Surface, or Xbox One and see the song which was put on my computer and choose to download it and add it to my local collection.
  • Also, a setting is available in Xbox music that lets you automatically download songs from Cloud Music to your collection, so no manual action is needed

This would be beneficial because users like me who use a local music collection, instead of streaming services, could get music from other devices downloaded locally, even automatically, without syncing. Additionally, playlists could be synced this way as well. The same logic could apply to Xbox Video and Games (once universal apps are available).
Secondly, a small feature I would like to see added with the Cloud Music feature would be the ability to send the currently playing track to another device. This could be nice if you've got a phone playing music, but come home and want to play it from a computer or tablet. A simple command could be added to the right click gestures in Windows or the more ellipses in Windows Phone. "Stream to" could be very beneficial, at least to me.
If anyone needs further clarifying or thoughts, just put it in the comments!