Yahoo! Web Design

I'm not sure whether this is the right place to post this (please advise), but check out an interview of Bryan Cranston here:

My thoughts when browsing the webpage:

- I thought the article ended after one video

- Upon scrolling down, I see some relevant news link

- Then I realised the article hasn't finished and there is even more videos

So I think there are several problems with this website

- The 'Katie Couric' banner consumed a good amount of space such that I could only see a small portion of the article

- The article was full of 'relevant articles' which is usually presented at the bottom of the article instead of along the article, making me think that the article is short

- The interview video is split into many different portions instead of one, and I don't seem to see any other reason than to increase clicks

- There is no indication of when the story starts and ends, making it hard to navigate the article

With such a design, they're possibly putting off users who think the article is short, and by that they are shooting their own foot. I mean, who in their right mind would want to design a webpage like this? Only Yahoo I guess.