The Gear Fit is the first wearable device from a major manufacturer to truly look like it's come from the future, though its warm reception was colored by one universal complaint: the orientation of the screen. Displaying the time, messages, and all your health data horizontally makes the wrist-worn device somewhat awkward to read, but Samsung hasn't been deaf to the criticism. The company's issued a patch to enable vertical display orientation, making for a more familiar reading experience when consulting the fitness band. This could be a great boon in Korea — where the updated UI first appeared on Samsung's official store blog — but the narrowness of the screen may pose a challenge when displaying longer pieces of text in the Latin alphabet.

Set to make its proper retail launch on April 11th, alongside Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S5, the Gear Fit has now been updated to address an issue that made many people rule it out as a viable purchase. Look out for our review of the new band soon to find out if going vertical really makes all the difference.