Registering a phone for developer preview

EDIT: Problem solved (see first comment below). You DON'T need a Windows 8 PC (or any PC at all) to register your phone.

  1. Sign in at
  2. Download "Preview for Developers" app from the WP app store and sign in
  3. Wait for the update ;) (search for updates via phone settings)


In order to get the developer preview of WP8.1, you need to register your phone for the WP dev program. Anyone can do that for free, but I've come across an issue - I hope someone knows how to solve it.

I'm running Windows 7 on my desktop, my phone runs WP8. In order to register my phone, I need to install the WP8 SDK, which includes the registration tool. The problem is that the WP8 SDK is not compatible with Windows 7. The only way to register a phone on a Windows 7 machine is via the WP7 SDK plus Zune, but those are not compatible with my WP8 phone. So it seems like you can't register a WP8 device without upgrading the PC to Windows 8.

Can anyone help me with this? Are there alternative ways of registering a phone?