Where is all this anti-apple bias?

I've increasingly read a lot of comments about how the media is fawning over Samsung, and disses Apple whenever they can. How there's a giant media based manipulation going on targeting Apple stock to...make some people money somehow...how everywhere you look theres a "bad Apple" article and all these minor flaws are being overreported everywhere all the time with no letting up....and it's totally true and happening. Apple hardly gets any positive media coverage and yea...


Also when Apple releases a new product (well a new iPhone or iPad) it is fawned over by the media in large...you get TV reports...it's a news story...all tech sites can't wait to hold it and report on it...people eagerly await the reviews...hell it's so hype that the MSM will easily fall for fan-concept-porn and report on those. I've never seen Apple held in a generally bad light...in fact I'd say the overall feeling of Apple is...positive.

I personally think that these people who feel theres a super duper anti-Christian Apple bias in the media simply feel that way because they are so utterly in love with their Apple products that they can't imagine someone not feeling it. They can't imagine someone liking something more...or appreciating another experience and subjectively labeling it greater.

Hell I've seen people mad at the Samsung Fingerprint ID vs Apple TouchID video because it didn't flat out say the Samsung one sucked!!!

Anyways...where is all this anti-Apple? I feel like I must be on a different internet.