W8 Update 1 Question

Does anyone know of any way of making the taskbar and the top bar stay when you're in a metro app? It's really frustrating to wait to make the taskbar pop up at the bottom and it looks plain ugly when the taskbar or the top bar cover up a bunch of stuff on screen and pop in and out.

When you first open an app, the bar at the top covers up some controls meaning I have to wait a second before I can fully use the app. A big example of this that keeps coming up is when I open Facebook, the top bar covers the notification and messages buttons so I have to wait a second. It doesn't sound like long, but it's still enough to get frustrating after a while.

I'd actually really like to be able to purely use the taskbar to switch apps in stead of the app switcher (it just makes more sense on a PC to have your method of switching applications to not be hidden) but the way they've implemented it just feels jarring. They could've at the very least made it so that when you go to the bottom left and bring up the start button, then slide the cursor to the right, that brings up the taskbar similar to the way the metro app switcher works.

While I know this is a placeholder and that the eventual aim is to have metro apps able to move between being full screen and on the desktop and when it's in that state it'll be more acceptable to have the taskbar auto-hide since metro will essentially just be full-screen mode, it still feels like they've released something that very much feels beta.

So is there an option to do it somewhere I've missed or is there maybe some kind of hack to do it?

Oh, and another thing about this update. The context menus on the start screen are such a lame idea. It's made the start screen inconsistent with the rest of metro which sort of alienates keyboard and mouse users from metro apps which isn't necessary. It's like they're saying 'yeah, the metro style of context menu isn't good for a desktop PC so don't use metro apps' which simply isn't true. I found the old start screen menu far far easier to use. I'd actually forgotten how frustrating these tiny little buttons are now that I've been spoilt with giant buttons. They should've at least made this feature optional.

Oh oh and one more little thing. Since there's two versions of Internet Explorer, there's no way to pin metro IE to the taskbar.