A desktop UI refresh is now mandatory

I actually like the Windows 8 desktop, I think it looks better than Windows 7. It never really bothered me that they looked different because the desktop and metro were just like two systems that interacted.

However with the latest Windows 8.1 update and the revelations at Build 2014 it's clear Microsoft has decided to merge metro into the desktop. If desktop/metro is going to be the same thing then there needs to be consistency between the two, and a complete refresh of the desktop UI is no longer optional.

There are heaps of examples of how this could look, and none are any more drastic than the changes which occurred between 98 to XP, or XP to Vista.





All of these examples have something in common... they are basically Zune clones. To know how to design the Windows 9 desktop Microsoft need look no further than their own Zune client




Do you agree or disagree? Are there any other examples of what you think the Windows 9 desktop should look like?