Microsoft should acquire "If This Then That"

One of the cool features of Cortana is the ability to be notified when you talk to someone (e.g. "Cortana, remind me about that funny thing that happened today the next time I talk to my sister")

"If This Then That" is a website that plugs into a bunch of 3rd party services and let's you build "recipies" which are essentially "when [event] do [action]" (e.g. "Email me when there is a new release on Netflix" or "When I update my Facebook profile image, update Twitter as well")

I think the capabilities of Cortana and "If This Then That" are a match made in heaven, and would be a jaw-dropping demo to everyday users.

For example...

  • Cortana, when I get tagged in a picture on Facebook save it to my OneDrive
  • Cortana, share any pictures I take on holiday with my friends
  • Cortana, when I like something on YouTube save a link to my OneNote
  • Cortana, send me an email whenever it's going to rain tomorrow
  • Cortana, save any email attachments from my work colleagues to DropBox

What do you think? Are there any other "recipes" you would find useful?