Why I don't think OSX 10.10 design changes will be radical

9to5Mac reported that Jony Ive is leading a redesign of OSX and it will be the cornerstone feature announced at WWDC. On MacBreakWeekly today both Leo and Andy expressed concerns about this. Honestly, I don't expect it to be as radical as iOS 7 was because:

  1. The design of OSX didn't go overboard with skeuomorphism the way iOS did. And some of the worst offenders (like the faux leather in the calendar app) were removed in Mavericks. I can see Apple going more towards what they did with icloud.com and bringing more consistency with icons and the like (for instance it doesn't make sense to have different iWork icons for Mac and iOS). Strip out the remaining skeuomorphic/glossy/heavy elements but leave the rest alone.
  2. Apple no doubt has received a lot of feedback on iOS 7, plus Ive now has a year or so under his belt with software design. I expect some of that feedback plus Ive gaining more experience working with the software designers to result in a product that isn't as rough around the edges as iOS 7 was/is.
  3. Apple knows the problems Microsoft has has with Windows 8 adoption and some of the backtracking they've done to appease users who aren't fans of the metro UI. I think Apple will be wary of doing anything too drastic. Also Craig Federighi has been pretty explicit in saying that Mac and IOS will continue to be separate so I can't see Apple doing anything that would look like the two were merging. I think there are ways to make more of a common look and feel without turning OSX into iOS.
  4. Finally, in Mark Gurman's story on 9to5Mac he specifically said the redesign would NOT look like the mockups floating around the web. Most of those mockups basically turned OSX into iOS 7.