61-year old Bran Ferren knows he's not going to live forever. That's why he's recording an interview series and building this exceedingly ambitious all-terrain vehicle for his daughter Kira. "I would like her to see the wonders of this world, " Ferren tells Wired. "But I'd like her to survive the experience." The KiraVan, which is costing Ferren millions to make, even comes with computerized chairs that use a variant of Bose's noise-reduction technology to ensure a smoother ride and drones capable of scouting road conditions. In many ways, the KiraVan represents the apex of Ferren's past experiences in developing projects like the MaxiMog and the Bill of Rights Secure Transit Vehicle, which was used to transport the document during its 50-state bicentennial tour. To learn more about KiraVan and Ferren, read the full profile at Wired.