Surface Pro Recovery Media

I own a Surface Pro (first gen) and, a few days ago, I screwed Windows. Blinded by excitement, I downloaded Visual Studio 2013 R2 Express instead of the update for the Professional edition I had already installed. When I saw it, I tried o abort the installation, and something got wrong: now I had both installed, and I wasn't able to run the uninstall program. After several attempts, and some changes in the Registry, I deleted everything, but somehow it affected my skydrive folder (it was in the SD card), and my hard drive got full in a few minutes. Now skydive won't sync because my hard drive is full, if I delete files they will also delete from skydive, explorer.exe will crash when I try to change skydive folder location, and I suspect that some Visual Studio Express files are remaining somewhere. Also Windows 8.1 Update won't install *I don't know if its because of my mess or because I don't have enough space*

Tl;dr version : My windows installation fucked up

So I want to reinstall Windows, but I have realized that without the recovery media (which must be in a USB stick somewhere, but I can't find it), I can't reinstall or even refresh Windows. I have tried with standard Windows 8 ISO files, but it won't recognize them. I have binged it, but I havent find anything about it. Has anyone experienced similar issues?

I have talked with Microsoft support, and they say the can't give me a copy of the recovery media, so I need to send the my device and wait at least 15 days if I want to reinstall windows, and I can't be so much time without it.

Because of that, I would like to ask if someone would please send me an ISO with the recovery media, in order to restore my device.