Moto G: How can a phone this cheap be so good? (UPDATED)


Update point 1: The phone has some annoyances, software-wise. First of all, it has a keyboard that looks exactly like Google Keyboard and works a lot like Google Keyboard with the unbelievable exception of gesture typing. After using gesture typing for so long, I can't really go back to using a device without it, so I ended up manually sideloading Google Keyboard myself (because Google Keyboard through the Play Store is "not available in my location" or something. Yay, gesture typing!

Update point 2: it appears like I can't add lockscreen widgets, even if the lockscreen looks identical to the one on my Nexus. I'll have to investigate that.

Update point 3: Battery life appears to beoutrageously good: I tried to see how long it could make it when charged fully. After 12 hours off the charger, with 4 hours of screen-on time and constant installing/uninstalling of apps and general messing around with it and trying to run it down, I stopped with 4-hours SOT, 13 hours of stand-by and 50% battery. In fact, I was so blow away by this (and quite a lot sceptical, to be honest: maybe I was doing something wrong) that I did a google search to see if other people had the same results as me or if I somehow got a plutonium-powered freak unit. The following is from Phone Arena:

The Moto G has finally gone through our extensive battery test and the score is in. The result? The Moto G blows almost all its peers out of the water, and ranks on the top of our battery ranks with an amazing score of 7 hours and 12 minutes. It achieves this score with a 2070mAh battery

Nice, right?


I just received my Moto G today. I saw it on going for 110 UKP and I had to get it. I convinced myself that I needed it for development purposes and clicked the buy button.

Honestly, I'm am amazed by the value. The screen has to be better than the one on my Nexus 4 (or at least better-calibrated. I had to check again to make sure it wasn't an AMOLED screen). The speaker is certainly louder. To my complete and utter bafflement, apps uninstall and install faster on the Moto G than on my N4. The phone feels solid and weighty in the hand.

Yeah, the camera sucks but I would expect a point-and-shoot that cost 100 UK pounds to suck. It also doesn't have NFC, which I use quite a lot on my Nexus 4. I also don't know how good the battery life is but going by the reviews I expect it to be above average.

I don't feel like there's a better choice for a phone for the "average user" right now. It's all insanely great with the exception of the camera (and I don't think that most consumers care about the camera or NFC as much as us tech heads to be honest). It won't be my main device because I prefer the bigger N4 display but if something happened to my N4 I wouldn't mind using it as a daily driver. That good!