Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Predictive text and the missing correction bar

On previous Sony devices when using gesture keyboard input every time you completed a word a suggestion bar would show you other suggested words that could have been meant by the gesture and you could scroll left and right on the Suggestion bar to find the word you wanted.

Now with predictive text the suggestion bar is replaced by a predicted next work bar.

Suggested words were very helpful. Predicted next words is not very helpful (obviously I don't repeat myself much). I want the suggested words back but how? I can not even find an option to turn off predicted words.

Please note that I am aware that you can select a previously typed word and you will see a maximum of three alternate words. 3 words is no where near as useful as the old scrolling word suggestion bar. Also the three suggested words seem to be quite bizarre and left field.

So questions are:

Can I get the suggested word bar back? (I have looked and looked and nothing)

Can I turn off predicted words? (I have looked and looked and nothing)

Why was the old functionality replaced with something far less productive?

Cheers in advance