The rise of paid apps will lead to a win-win

Although hardware is what enables software, software is what we visually see and use to entertainment ourselves and play. If the hardware sucks, a well-designed software will suffer, and even if the hardware is good, a bad software will ruin the experience. So we agree that that both carry equal importance, right?

But the irony lies in the fact that consumers are so used to paying for hardware yet so reluctant to pay for software. It may be that it feels less guilty and far easier to "steal" software because you are not physically robbing a shop, or that it feels more comfortable to pay more something tangible. Or it is that consumers aren't convinced of the value of software. The majority of app revenues from Google Play and App Store come from in-app purchases. Software is still severely undervalued in today's world.

But wait, what's wrong with in-app purchases? Isn't it better that consumers try out an app and decide to pay for extra features that they are more sure of using?

Sure, in many cases, it works that way. I am not saying that all software needs to be paid. Some app models are better to be free. For also for many other cases, there is a high chance that when you make an app for free , you will lean towards on making earning money rather than creating a great experience. Why? Because, you spend your precious time and effort making this app, but people are getting it for free! You gotta make sure they somehow repay for your time and effort, right? So many(not all,pls, there are many other free apps that are awesome) free games that offer in-app purchases, are likely only good for a short period of time and will eventually try to suck money out of you.

So I think Apple and Google need to help developers to convince consumers how valuable their apps are. They need to come up with ways that developers can use to market their apps to their specific audiences. They need to help developers how to tell people how great their app is, instead of just mere screenshots or a trailer video. In that way, develops will feel more comfortable charging people their apps. And because they don't need to worry about how to charge people such that they will feel forced to pay, they will focus on the experience. And we consumers get just awesome apps. Pay once, that's it. And there can still be in-app purchases for advanced features. Developer earn more money, will continue to create more awesome apps. I know it may sound a bit too idealistic... But in this way there are more chances for everyone to win... won't it?