Samsung was right, Apple is 'uncool' to younger buyers...(not really)

Well, what is the rally call going to be now? Apparently the iPhone isn't as uncool to the younger buyers as Samsung ads and Android fanatics would have you believe. Only for old people?

The survey, which questioned approximately 7,500 teens across the U.S., found that 61% owned an iPhone, up from 55% in the fall of 2013, and 67% expected their next phone to be an iPhone too.


Apparently they want the iWatch too (17% would buy an iWatch today if it launched for $350). Bit of a contrast to the Galaxy Gear, which people don't care to keep even when Samsung gives it away. Perhaps Samsung accidentally mistook their own lack of "cool" for Apple's.

A quick search on eBay for "Galaxy Gear" (excluding the words "protector" and "seal" which are used to sell add-ons) turns up nearly 900 results, of which this one, chosen at random, is typical: "I got it free with my Galaxy Note 3 and do not want this."