Why I use IE 11 and not Chrome

Alright, I'll keep this short and sweet.

Over the last 4 years or so I have nearly exclusively used Google Chrome over Internet Explorer. However this changed once I invested in a surface pro 2. IE on the surface runs as smooth as the distribution of charge on an electron. Touch input is flawless and I have always been a fan of kinetic scrolling. I have found that the track pad on the type cover has the same responsiveness as the touch screen: smooth scrolling, zooming etc. There have been a few bugs present however, for a few days YouTube would always become unresponsive, web pages didn't display images however these issues were fixed pretty quickly.

I installed Chrome fairly quickly on my SP2 when I got it, however, I ran into multiple problems. Firstly the chrome UI doesn't scale correctly to the screen. I have my SP2 to 125% screen scaling. Chrome does, indeed, scale the UI up but each pixel is up-scaled leading to the whole UI including web pages to be blurry. Secondly when using the screen to scroll Chrome is relatively smooth, no kinetic scrolling to my disappointment, however not as smooth as IE. Lastly track pad input. It just doesn't work, I can't do pinch zooming or two finger scrolling, mercilessly though, I can still move the cursor around and click to my hearts content.

I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this, on a surface of another high PPI screened device, do you still use chrome? Do you find the benefits of using Chrome outweigh the issues?