What Apple products are you going to buy this year?

Looks like Apple will release:

Refreshed laptop line up

Reboot of the Apple TV set top box

iPhone(s) larger with A8 CPU

iPads with touch ID, A8 CPU


I don't need a laptop, I use a desktop and iPad(s) with a keyboard cover

I use a HTPC, and don't use Apple TV any longer (maybe I'll upgrade if they integrate a cable box into it)

iPhone not until there's a jailbreak for current iOS version, have a jailbroken 5s

iPad(s), maybe Touch ID is nice, but I'm pretty happy with current Retina Mini & Air I already have

iWatch, I dunno, maybe, I like to use Android and Apple both, pretty sure the iWatch will be locked into an iPhone, as well as the Android offerings, and I'm not a massive fan of watches, I tear them up pretty quickly, and that's an expensive habit :(

What are you anticipating, and what will you buy?


via i.telegraph.co.uk