Help me decide: Moto G vs Moto X

So, i live in south america and i will ask a friend that will travel to the states to buy me a new phone, and i'm not sure which one is better for me. The Moto X is almost twice as expensive as the Moto G (350$ vs 200$ for the 16 gb version), and of course, it's faster ,have active notifications, and other stuff, but is it worth it?

I live in Argentina and Uruguay, and is relatively common that your phone gets stolen from time to time, so i prefer to have something that i don't worry much about if i lost it. That's why i'm going towards the Moto G. But i'm thinking about the camera. Reviewers wrote that the moto g camera is bad, and the one in the moto x is better but still so so. But i also read about an update to the camera that makes it really better.

Also, i would like to know experiences from owners of the Moto X and G. Are you happy? satisfied? Something that you like / dislike that you didn't noticed in the first weeks of use?