Rant About Google Stock Android

I don't get the "Google stock android is the best" thinking.

OEM skins get everything stock android gets and then adds some on top for the user.

Recently came upon a Galaxy Note 3 last week and I'll probably be dropping my Nexus 5 for it.

It does everything stock android does and It is just as fast as a Nexus 5.

It has pen support, multi window stuff, arguably better camera app.

Touchwiz design is ugly? Aesthetics is personal preference. Something that looks ugly to one person might not look ugly to someone else.

Bloatware? Bloatware is just bloatware if you don't use it and every person's use case is different.

I didn't use a handful of Google apps on my Nexus 5 and I can't uninstall them, so technically that's bloatware too.

I don't use every Samsung app but I do use some.

The only thing Google stock android is good for is better updates. Sometimes, that might not be a deal breaker.

There is no such thing as a perfect phone for every one just the perfect phone for you.