Some iPhone 6 battery size calculations

Based on the current rumours (which I'm always sceptical at), the next iPhone will be both bigger and thinner. Many people complain that instead of making it thinner, they would prefer better battery life. Now please consider this:

I did some calculations based on the PCB sizes of the iPhone 5s and the Galaxy S5.

1. Galaxy S5 PCB

2. iPhone 5s PCB

3. Calculated PCB Areas

As you can see Apple's main PCB is only half the size of Samsung's, which means that using a simliarly sized mainboard for the next iPhone while expanding the overall size results in vastly more space for a battery.

What do you guys think?

- Source: ifixit for the PCB scans
- I matched the PCB sizes based on the width of the SIM slot
- I calculated the pixel size of the scans based on the DIE size of the A7 chip
- I know that there are secondary boards and other components such as cameras inside both phones. I didn't consider these, because the mainboard takes up most of the space other than the battery