Is the Samsung Galaxy Note a revolutionary product?

Kind of ironic that apparently the biggest copycat of this gen also has potentially one of the most revolutionary products of all time. Every single company apart from Apple has released a product in direct response to the Galaxy Note series. Almost all Android flagships this year are actually quite close to the size of the original Galaxy Note. There are some companies which have tried their luck with phablets even bigger than the Note but all of them have failed so far.

And if there really is a 5.5" iPhone released this year then you can pretty much seal the legacy of the Galaxy Note.

It wasn't the first monster sized phone but the first that actually made it possible to use such a large device as a phone. It actually made everyone realize that this is possible.

If in a couple of years the majority is holding a 5"+ smartphone then it would be very safe to say that the Galaxy Note is one of the most revolutionary products of all time.