The Nexus 5 has such a garbage speaker it is sad.

I had enough money to upgrade to the Nexus 5 but after listening to its speaker I have decided not to because it's too much of a compromise. Not only does it hinder multimedia capabilities but its actually so bad that it will hinder actual phone usage as well. You can literally not talk on the speakerphone and you will probably need to put some custom made high noise ringtone to actually get alerted in a noisy environment.

The question is how can Google ship a phone in 2014 like that?

For comparison the Nexus 4 has a much louder speaker and the Nexus S still has a louder speaker even though it itself isn't very loud to begin with. I don't own the Galaxy Nexus but from what I remember of it I think it had a similarly crappy speaker as we have on the Nexus 5. It reminds me of the iPhone 4 but at least Apple learned and never made a speaker as bad as that again. But seems like Google has done it again.

I am not asking for "quality" from a phone speaker but it should be freaking loud enough to get the basics done. Its NOT hard to put such a speaker on a $400 phone when $50 feature phones have satisfyingly loud speakers.