iWatch design could look like Jony Ive's watch...

So, I was thinking about Apple's rumored iWatch and how apple could succeed in making a wearable work for everybody, one of the main characteristics of a winning product is design. As many people probably know Jony Ive designs just about every Apple product since the late 90s, with his team he has designed arguably some of the most stunning desktops, phones, etc. So as I was thinking I thought where he might get inspiration from for his designs, maybe I thought to myself, maybe he might get it from his own daily watch.

To find his watch I searched the internet for just plain pictures of Jony Ive at events or his interesting faces he makes during his videos. From searching for a while I found a couple of good pictures.


via media.melablog.it


via media.bestofmicro.com


via 9to5mac.files.wordpress.com

Surprisingly the watch he wears is not that reminiscent of Jony Ive's previous designs so we might see a different more traditional design for the rumored iWatch. There are also certain pictures which he wears a square watch which looks more like a "ladies" watch but the pictures for that watch are not as good as the ones for this watch. If there are any watch fanatics out there that can say which model of watch that is that would be great.

Again this is only speculation and nothing is confirmed about the iWatch, not even that there will be an iWatch but if there is I hope that Apple's amazing design goes on to this product as well as all the other rumored products coming from Apple later this year.