I love the Galaxy S5

There must be some people that agree with me.

I had an upgrade a few weeks ago and got the GS5 (from the iPhone5). I mainly brought it because of the decent camera and water resistance, something that is important to me as I go travelling soon. Yes it looks like a bandaid on the back, but it feels pretty good to hold and its generally a pretty quick phone.

I switched to nova launcher for a period of two days and I actually prefer the Samsung launcher (with My Magazine disabled). I really don't have a whole lot of bad things to say about the phone and I feel that most people saying how shit it is just haven't really had a chance to use it/ see it. I know, I thought it was disgusting when it was announced, but after actually using one I was impressed. It was a throw up between the Z2 and the GS5 and I made my choice based on camera performance and I really don't regret buying the phone.


Picture taken on my GS5.

I don't just want to highlight the camera performance, but just point out that this is a good phone.

Has anyone had a go and just thought it was terrible?

If so why?