What will happen to the Beats brand following the acquisition?

So, Apple is apparently buying Beats by Dre, but following this acquisition, what will happen to the Beats brand? I'd like to hear your theories about this and I've listed a few below suggesting what could potentially happen.

Theory #1. They Stay Apart.

Apple and Beats by Dre stay apart and it is a relatively quiet, behind the scenes relationship. Apple just rake in the profits of their new business.

Theory #2. Beats by Apple.


Apple could brand the company "Beats by Apple" but I don't think they'd be into diluting their brand in this way. Beats By Dre products are thought by many to be inferior products that are overpriced. Mixing the two names together might not be beneficial for Apple.

Theory #3. Drop The Dre.


Apple could potentially remove the "By Dre" and simply call the company "Beats". From Beats point of view it makes sense. They still keep their Beats name, it just removes the involvement with Dr Dre. However, from Apple's point of view it doesn't really make sense as it doesn't elude to their ownership of the company at all. Another name the company has used, more specifically for their involvement in products such as HTC and HP devices is "Beats Audio".

Theory #4. Beats is No More.


The implications of this are huge. Apple could simply turn Beats products into Apple products, and dissolve the Beats by Dre brand. Beats By Dre is a cultural phenomenon, has a massive mind share, massive percentage of market share and are making a massive profit. As much as I like the idea of Apple rebranding Beats into their own products - I don't know if it's the safest option in terms of maintaining the success of the products.

Let's talk Apple core! What do you expect? What would you like?

And please let's keep the Beats bashing to a minimum. We all know about certain peoples disliking of the brand and their reasons why.