Could this be the anti-malware of the future?



Most of you have probably heard about many animals keep themselves safe from predators by staying in large groups. This is the inspiration for the new anti-malware called HerdProtect.

It scans your PC by using techniques of 68 different anti virus! Its only a few megabytes in size and does not slows the performance of your PC and best of all, its free.

The only down side to this is you have to have a good internet connection to perform the scan. The rest is pretty straight forward, it scans the hash files of the active processes and start-up locations and compares them to its on-line database. It something fishy turns up, it uploads snapshots of the file and scans them using 68 antiviruses. Then it will return the suggested action to be taken depending on the number of antiviruses detect it.

The program is rather new and lots of features need adding. In the current build you can only perform basic scan but people at HerdProtect are working to bring more.

Download (Windows x86, x64)

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