Google's Changes - OEMs - What do you think? Q/A


Q1: What if Google moves to a grid layout for its apps, kind of the way iOS does it. How would that make you feel??

Q2: Also how do you think OEMs will change their Android Experience with Google's latest changes.

Q3: How do you feel about Google implementing Google now all over the place especially considering some of its functionality not available for all country's.

Q4: Google is really pushing glass. Do you think it will be a major success for the general public??

Q5: If you were Google how would you deal with OEMs??

My Answers;

A1: I would love this. I think widgets could stay on the lock screen the way they have it implemented now. However the home screen experience on Android has never really felt "mobile"like windows phone and iPhone feel. Android feels more like a windows desktop in terms of home screen experience.

A2: I think OEMs will still make a mess. This includes LG, HTC and Samsung.

A3: I am happy that Google really pushing Google Now however I feel like they are getting closer and closer with ads only they are calling them "Recommendation"- pifft yeah right.

A4: As it stands Glass is a fail for the GP and likely will be for awhile. Samsung has had more success with their wearable and I'm sure Apple will blow it out the water.

A5: To boot if I were Google Android would have never been open sourced. OEM's would have to compete on hardware not software because they would not be able to change the core experience. As it stands, I would tell OEM's either you tone it all the way do to nearly stock and add features LIKE MOTOROLA, or you won't have access to any play services Google Play included naturally.

Your Turn. . .