Chromebox for Grandparent

Hi All,

As some of you may have seen in the Microsoft Forum, I am looking for a new computer for my grandmother. I originally thought I was going to stick with windows, but the price of the chrome OS devices is really enticing. I have a couple of questions before I jump in and buy one though, so I hope you can help!

1) How can managing pictures happen on chrome OS? She has many pictures on her current computer and gets many more from her children every so often, so would cloud storage be the best idea for these?

2) I was looking at the new Asus chromebox, and I was just wondering if the low end model would be enough for basic internet browsing without stuttering. I would probably plan on adding another 2gb stick of RAM so it totals 4GB which I hope should be enough to keep it fast.

3) Is there a better chrome OS device (our budget is under $300 with cheapest being best) that would work? She doesn't need a laptop, and I was sticking with a desktop just because of the larger screen she has. I can only find 11" screens which are a little too small for her eyesight.

Thanks so much for the help! Any other recommendations are welcome but please don't turn this into a thread about chrome vs windows (that already happened in the other thread sadly)