Cortana Home Automation Begins

With the extension of Cortana to third party apps and developers, it was to be expected that developers would take advantage of this. Not only from services like netflix and hulu, but possible home automation as well. The first signs of home automation created by WP developers themselves can be seen below.

This is powerful. This is powerful because the only other company capable and trying to employ this platform wide, is Google. And unfortunately for them, they're limiting this to something only done by devices they care about and by them alone. Here, the user isn't worried about how it's getting done. He/she simply tells cortana to do something, and if the appropriate app is downloaded, cortana does it. This isn't something only being handled by MS, this is open to the world. This is a playground for enthusiastic developers, and could be something that brings interest to their platform from developers.

Just to put this into perspective, google wants home automation and most likely will incorporate it with devices they purchase, like nest. Putting such a plan in action for a company as big as google can be challenging, and can take a while. However I have two quotes. One from the VP of directions at Microsoft, Wes Miller. And the second from the creator of the first video listed, the creator of the app.

"Third Party apps can extend Cortana, and microsoft has already worked with partners. #BUILD2014"

"Yep, I wrote it. It's still not released just yet. Still working on a geofencing feature that will allow you to wake your pc when you arrive at a certain location."

Wow. He, as well as many others around the world, are working to help MS with home automation right now. That can be scary, for MS competitors. Home automation with a single hub, Cortana. Let's see just how big this thing gets.

** UPDATE **

The app in the first video is already available for download in the windows phone store.

"Once you have everything configured, you can then bark this command at your phone: "Cortana wake [computername]". All the app of course does the Wake On LAN part, but really it’s a simple voice command that is the trick here."