Microsoft and Open Source

It's not really mentioned much on TheVerge but Microsoft lately has really turned over a new leaf, and it's coming from inside particularly the ASP.NET team and spreading outwards. Scott Hanselman just made a post today about the next steps they are taking to move to Open Source and bring .NET to more platforms and it's pretty freaking awesome. Add to that contributing to the Open Compute with their Azure server structure and plans for more Open Source in the future and I think the case can be made for potentially even Windows becoming Open Source. It must be hard for a lot of the critics who have hated Microsoft since the olden days (now known as the 90's) watch as the company they could never trust changes right before their eyes. I know some of the stuff they did back in the day was downright wrong, but I think it's time to let that go.

I personally can't wait for what's next, it's taken a long time for this behemoth to start moving but now that it is real changes are happening and I've never been more excited as someone who has been on Windows since Windows 95. Here's to hoping people like Hanselman and Guthrie continue to rub off on the higher ups, but considering that Satya worked directly with them and they all worked to make Azure the awesome platform it is today I will not be surprised to see a lot more changes like this in the future. Also, compiling C# apps to Native is freaking awesome.

Oh I almost forgot, they also Open Sourced the new .NET compiler (Roslyn) and Open Sourced WinJS, their HTML/CSS/JS way to write native Windows applications. So yeah, definitely happy to see this. What do you all think fellow tribesmen?