The iPod line is a mess

Don't you agree?

I can't find any single good and convincing product on the iPod line!

iPod shuffle -- what's this? Sure it's ok $49 for a sports mp3 player, but I wish was more like the previous iPod nano (watch)

iPod nano -- doesn't make any sense at all...

iPod touch -- who doesn't already have a smartphone anyways? Still that Apple problem which the memory is too expensive, the base 16GB model may be OK for those with clean and curated music libraries like me, but still isn't a very compelling product, the camera hole is not apple-ish at all

iPod classic -- surprisingly the best. However hard drives are pretty much dead, they could release a simple old-school iPod, with a clickwell and a small screen, with cheap 128GB of flash storage (more than enough for music) for about $199, and 128GB + Wifi for $249, I would think it would be a compelling product.