Switching from iPhone to MOTO X, Apple's iMessage makes the move to Android a painful process.

What a nightmare it is to switch from iOS to Android, thanks to Apple's iMessage. I recently upgraded my iPhone 4S, yet I was torn between the iPhone 5S and the Moto X. I ultimately chose the 5S, but after a few weeks I realized it was just more of the same, only slightly better, and I've grown bored and tired of iOS 7 (and the new Touch ID). Having owned iPhones since 2010, I was well entrenched in the Apple Ecosystem. I have many friends and relatives with iPhones, and all of them use iMessage. In spite of this, I decided to purchase a Moto X and replace my iPhone 5S. I've experimented with a Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 in the past, while keeping the iPhone as my daily driver, but I could never fully commit to Android because of various shortcomings of those devices. I did realize that stock (or nearly stock) Android was the only way to go and, after using the Moto X for just a few days, I marveled at how truly innovative this device is. But a funny thing happened. The iPhone users started complaining that I wasn't answering their texts, or they simply couldn't send me any texts. I thought this was peculiar, because I disabled iMessage before switching my SIM card over to the Moto X. I decided to do a little research and low and behold, there are a myriad of threads about getting iMessage to deactivate and disassociate from your phone number. Needless to say, there isn't any one solution, whether it be turning off iMessage in settings, calling Apple, or deregistering your device. No, I had to coach four different iPhone users on how to send a text to my Moto X. In two cases, the users had to go into settings for iMessage and enable "Send as SMS" when iMessage is unavailable (which Apple appears to set to OFF by default). The other two iPhone users, despite this setting, had to manually delete any existing conversation threads with me and send a new message before their iPhones would stop trying to send me a text as an iMessage. While the decision to switch to Android was difficult, releasing myself from the tangled web of iMessage reinforced the notion that I made the right decision.