Android Gaming Problem !!!

Hello guys , this topic is related to android gaming problem. Many high quality games when ported to android suffers from lag or stutters , first was Nova 3 from Gameloft , terribly stutterd on my note 2 which was powerful device at that time , still nova 3 suffers from stutters on many high end device , I can understand it was because of bad port. So I tried different games like real racing 3 on my nexus 4 whenever I tried to play it on high setting the gamed lag horribly laced on my nexus 4 and I have seen videos of nexus 5 where frame rate still suffered from time to time due to throttle .

So than came my one of favorite games of all time GTA San Andreas but same issue prolonged to it even today's newest device suffer to give smooth frame rate for GTA San Andreas , so I bought note 3 for its powerful hardware and gorgeous 1080p amoled screen and tired GTA sandreas at max setting and game started lagging(don't tell me its because of resolution because iPad can run it fine and smoothly) , I had to disable shadows and lower resolution of the game to get smooth frame rate.I was very dissapointed by this. I saw my bro he has his old iPhone 5 and was so surprised that iPhone 5 could play this game so well at smooth frame rate I was like gonna throw note 3 out of the windows.

Than came the game amazing spiderman 2 , ohh man saw videos on YouTube and read topic on the verge that its a bad port .So than I tested on iPhone 5 not iPhone 5s but iPhone 5 to my surprise frame rate where not only good but device didn't even throttle for half n hour play through . what's the problem here guys is it android problem or are developer just lazy to optimize the hardware for android devices. There are still many games I would like talk about but you get the point about what I am trying to say.