Verge Video / Vox Studios: Any tips for shooting B-Roll?

In a few weeks, I'll start filming my first large documentary. My school system requested a series focusing on athletics. For the past month I've been doing research, and I think I have a pretty good grasp on the story's direction. Yesterday, I got the C300s, which we have on rental for three months. We won't begin shooting for another two weeks, so I have some time to play around with them.

I don't want this to look like the average documentary. Screw the average boring shots for B-Roll that simply show locations and elements to add to the interview. I want the B-Roll to be the best part of the documentary. Vox, SBN, and The Verge have mastered this.

My question to The Verge Video team and Vox Studios: Do you guys have any tips or pointers for beautiful and awe inspiring B-Roll? (Or footage in general for that matter.)

Anyone can join the conversation. :)