Microsoft is just been honest about Kinect

I was really surprised when I read that Microsoft is going to offer a Kinect free version of the Xbox One, however, I think it is wise of them to do so. But the speed in which they acted, makes me wonder what is really going on with Xbox One sales.

Kinect is probably the single most important feature of the Xbox One above the PS4. Its the kind of experience that makes you feel special about owning an Xbox One, you feel like you are owning the future really. However, Kinect is not really a reliable way of interacting with your box. Saying that it works 90% of the time is very optimistic and even 90% is not good enough on this day and age.

Kinect has too many limitations, despite offering a best in class camera, it falls short at recognizing fine movement and gesture control. Its voice recognition is not great either. So, you are promised a system which UI can be operated using only Kinect, but then when you start using it, you realize its not that great at its intended function, and it slowly but surely starts to wear out till you just forget its there.

So, if Kinect does not fully work, why not sell the system without it? I think the answer is obvious, they need to sell a Kinect free version, not only because it does not fully work, but because they need to compete with the PS4.

Then there is also Kinect 3.0. Which may not even exist yet but its an absolute necessity if Microsoft wants to take this technology further. This upgrade will not be free of course, so Xbox One owners with and with out the current Kinect will have the chance to get on board.

We need a better Kinect sensor capable of running in all conditions and that suits you, instead of the opposite, if they pull this off, we may see attach rates even greater than Kinect 1.0