Wild Speculation.

This whole Beats thing still has me confused. I've mentioned my more sane theories in a couple of the posts earlier. But I recently just read somewhere (can't remember where or I would link it) that Jimmy Iovine pitched a streaming service to Jobs and Cook back in 2003. So what if they liked the idea but realized at the time the labels would never be convinced? What if Iovine creating a streaming service under the radar was part of the plan. The labels would be more willing to deal with a small company with little market share then someone like Apple. Jobs was someone who appreciated frictionless interactions above all else and he's also just smart/devious enough to come up with a plan like this. It would also explain how Beats was able to get such good product placement on the Apple store. To be clear I think this is very unlikely but at the same time I wouldn't be surprised if we found out later this is how it went down. Don't jump all over me, it's all in good fun! soon enough we will know just how boring this deal really is.