OneDrive not backing up edited images

Hey guys,

I use OneDrive to back up all of images on my iPhone. However I've noticed that OneDrive does not back up images that have been edited. For example, I take a picture using the camera app and the image is saved in camera roll. OneDrive backs that up. But then I open that image in VSCOcam, edit it and save it to the camera roll, and OneDrive does not back that image up.

Does anyone know what's going on, or if there is some setting that I'm missing? I'd be much obliged.


After some tinkering around, I have found that it's just the images from the VSCOcam album that's not being backed up. All other albums including Instagram and Snapseed are being backed up to OneDrive. Do you think this is a fault with VSCOcam or OneDrive?

Any help would be appreciated!