The Verge should include a company's history of updates and hardware longevity when writing reviews

I humbly suggest that the Verge consider a company's history with providing software updates and the longevity of the hardware when writing reviews on new products. For example, I have an Asus Transformer TF700t tablet that I am writing this post on currently. Asus stopped providing updates for this tablet last year, less than a year and a half after it initially went on sale. Knowledge of such a premature EOL would definitely be of use for customers considering a tablet purchase this year. Also, many devices have higher than normal failure rates within the year or two following the period when journalists originally review the products. By viewing forums dedicated to a company's products or soliciting accounts of experience from Verge users, reviews could more accurately reflect the potential for hardware problems down the line. These are two points that I believe would not be too difficult to implement, but would make Verge reviews far superior to others on the Internet.