Micosoft Nails it.

I don't think there's any other way to say it. Micosoft has nailed a lot of things. As a long time Apple loyalist and user, i can safely say I am fully out of the Apple land. I've used both for years, but started using Apple devices more and more since the iPhone. Though, times have changed drastically. Micosoft actually makes the better operating system, and better devices. Some would say they always have.

Windows 8.1 and beyond is the future of computing. Coming from a professional users perspective who relies on technology to run a major design firm and print shop, i can safely say those not using windows 8 are missing out. Now sure there's a lot of OEM's that just don't get hardware right, but there are ones that do. There are also plenty of different ways to use windows 8, and I've found it extremely easy to use and intuitive. I think it's one of the best examples of user interface design and experience out there. I would never, ever go back to using an older version of windows. It's far less intuitive. It's so much faster using windows 8. It's the most flowing OS i've ever used. I think it trumps anything out there. I was wondering why all of the top design people, and well respected pro's were saying this, and now I know why.

It's streamlined our workflow. Espeically on a device like the surface pro 2. The surface pro 2 has replaced my macbook pro, my iPad, and my drawing tablet. The thing is a beast. Anything i toss at it, it eats up with ease. It's really quite amazing. It was always said, the artists use Apple devices. I never understood that. I remember i got my macbook, and said ok this is a really nice computer but what makes it great for artists? When there was more ease of use offered on a windows machine. When the software worked better on a windows machine. Through this experience i actually realized i was one of those crazy Apple fans, in denial about using inferior, way to expensive technology. That reality distortion field is a real thing, and I'm glad i'm out of it.

Windows is and will be the future of computing. Microsoft has given us something i thought about pre iPad days. Real tablets, to do real work on. They have given us a flexible operating system that can fit all types of form factors.
Once you use a surface pro, which will only get better and better with time, you will realize how mobile software is so small. Mobile software will always have a place in the world, especially in the cell phone, but for a tablet, Micosoft has finally gotten the tablet right. They didn't rush into the tablet space with compromise like Apple did. Sure they sell a whole lot of iPads, but they sell them to grandparents, and kids, and non tech people. There's a huge world of professionals, creators, and people who want more out of their devices. Micosoft gets that, and has pushed the industry forward vastly. So much so that Apple even took ideas from windows 8 and put them right in IOS.

I'm glad we have Microsoft, because they are doing some really great things. They had their own ideas about what a tablet should be pre iPad days, and they waited to get it right. Windows 8.1 is wonderful, and anyone who hasn't adopted growth and evolution is missing out. Because that's what it's all about. People got iPads because they were the only things out there to get at the time, and Apple had the ecosystem. Except the iPads technology has never changed. It's the same thing since it first came out. We have far greater technology now, using a surface and then using an iPad after makes an iPad feel like really old technology with an updated UI design ( and a really bad one)

The past year I've found OSX to be cumbersome, and again like IOS it never changes. It gets tweaked here and there but it doesn't push anything forward. That's because Apple makes it's bread and butter from the iPhone and iPad. Apple only cares about the general consumer. The Micosoft guys are doing some truly innovative work. I think tablets that run mobile software will actually die out as chip technology gets better and better. I saw some trolls in this form, and It's funny, it's always Apple people. I've never seen a Micosoft person go in the Apple form and start mouthing off. I had to write something about the truth of it, and it actually baffles me that anyone could use an Apple product and feel proud of it these days. My iPad is now my alarm clock and a paper weight.