Apple Needs Beats

Only recently did I realize how at one time I had been totally reliant on Apple's services: I had an iPod Nono, iPod Shuffle for running, MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPad. The key thing was I connected all of these with Apple services. I used iTunes to buy all my music, synched my calendar over iCloud and even used iCloud as my predominant email. That is changing though. As a college student I use my MacBook Air every single day (it basically is an extremity of myself and I love it.) In addition to that I use my iPhone 5 and will be looking for a new phone this fall. I read lots of textbooks on my Kindle or on the Kindle app on the iPad (no not iBooks). Now my calendars are synced through Exchange (work) and Google (home). I use Google Chrome on my Mac and wish there was a decent one for iOS. I am a Spotify addict - their $5 a month for students is simply unbeatable. Also I couldn't be paid to use Apple Maps - their coverage of the University of Iowa campus is EMBARRASSING. I am an Apple fanboy (I have a sticker on my car) and I believe that they want to become the cool company once again (I really do think they have lost some of that cool). iPhone still probably have around 50% of the market for college students here (though Asian exchange students ALMOST ALL use Samsung Galaxy Notes). Apple could regain a lot of their "coolness factor" in two simple steps. First of all Apple will most likely keep Beats separate from their main company - but these headphones will forever more be Beats by Apple. The more Beats integration in Apples products the better. The second thing is by creating a streaming music service - something I think that Apple is running out of time on. At least at the University of Iowa, Spotify is king and it would take quite a lot for that to change. Students share their playlists at parties - when a new song comes out it shared over the campus on Spotify in less than a day. With the acquisition of Iovine and Dre this is the best and possibly last chance Apple has to make a dent in the streaming music department - otherwise they risk becoming the Zune of streaming music.