Why did you choose a Mac over a Windows or Linux PC?

So, lets hear peoples reasons for choosing their mac over their Windows or Linux box

My reasons:

1. Best in class hardware, using my Mac Air is always like picking up a piece of art. The only other brand I have felt this way about was a few of the Asus machines.

2. Amazing battery life. My old windows laptop before I bought my 2013 MBA was an Asus U35jc, rated for 10 hour battery life, usually got 6, that was pretty damn good. The new MBA with 12 hours, which usually I get 9 is extremely convenient, and made my final decision.

3. An OS without an identity crisis. I used to be a Windows fanboy, after having issues with blue screens on W7 due to driver issues, even though everything was updated. I upgraded to W8 and after a year of using Windows 8 beta and final, I still detested it's frankenstein method of having two OS's attempting to be one, I could have downgraded to W7 or installed Classic shell, but why when it is apparent that the desktop is being forgotten by MS, even the icons are still from Vista. I decided to try OSX, which I had not used since OS9.

4. Resale value. I like to keep my tech updated fairly regularly, every 2 years or so, it annoyed the hell out of me that my $900 windows laptop that was 18months old had a value of ~$400, while Macs of the same age, that originally cost $1200, were still managing $900 a piece. Thats a $200 depreciation difference. Huge.

What are your reasons?

InB4 Flame war - Seriously, it's fine if you disagree, keep it civil.