A simple idea for how Apple could do iPad split screen view

I'm really psyched about the latest iOS 8 two apps split screen rumor. This is something I've wanted for a while, and the one windows 8 feature I always liked. That said, I think microsoft over complicated this feature and made it too clunky to use all the time. Microsoft has come close to getting this right, but their implementation is too complicated and inconsistent.

I wish I could mock this up: simply put, Apple should use the wiggle metaphor. Basically, when you want to run two apps side by side, you double tap the home button to go into multitasking view. Then, you press and hold the screenshot (like an app) and all the screenshots start to wiggle with their apps wiggling beneath them. You then drag one screenshot on top of the other as if you were creating a folder...and you zoom back with those two apps side by side together.

To get back to one app...you double tap the home button, press and hold so that everything starts wiggling, and drag one of the two screenshots out onto its own page again.

Clean, simple, and uses the wiggle metaphor that has already been drilled into the iOS users head as a way to move around apps and create folders. Don't the spaces also wiggle on Mavericks when you want to create and delete additional desktops?

Also, it is there for more advanced users who want tose it yet completely hidden from my mom so she can carry on with one app at a time.

i wish I could mock this up!