Crowdsourcing WWDC predictions: 2014 edition

Hey Apple Core! In case you've been a member for a while now, you might remember this post that I'd made last year.

If you haven't been around for quite so long, here's a quick primer on it: The point of this post is to see what the Apple Core as a collective expects and wants to see from WWDC this year.

Here's how it works: Anyone can leave a comment below with the relevant links to whatever feature/ change you want to discuss, and leave three replies to it: "Yea", "Nay", and "Undecided/ don't care" (or any alterations of these words, as long as they're in that order to help with the tallying eventually). Everyone else will get to vote on it by recommending one of the three choices. A day or two before WWDC, I'll add them up and we'll have a consolidated Apple Core WWDC wishlist compiled from the most recommended entries of every item.

Here are some quick rules on a way to keep the discussion here sane and approachable:

1.) The first rule of this post is that you do talk about it! Seriously, spread the word. The sample space for each feature has to be huge for it to count in the Apple Core's expectations list. Feel free to share to social networks. Make use of your klout! Do recommend this post too.

2.) Be precise: As much as you can, please be precise. For example, something like "Flat OS X" isn't a binary statement and has many possible meanings. Something like "Literally iOS 7 but on a Mac" would be a more clear statement. Do link to any rumour, mock-up or concept if your post is about something specific that you found on one random obscure site somewhere.

3.) Do not discuss ANYTHING. This is not the place to argue about whether or not the requested feature is a valid one. Feel free to make other threads to discuss specific things, but just let the interaction here be limited to new expectations and recommendations. This thread has to stay clutter-free to make it possible for everyone to make their views on every topic stated known. Last year's thread got up to a massive 234 comments, and thus the voting became really scarce for the last few features, with less than a handful of votes for many of them, compared to 70+ for the first few comments.

4.) Please recommend one option, and one option only. "Yea" if you believe it should happen, "Nay" if you staunchly believe it shouldn't, and "Don't care" if you're indifferent to what happens. Also, we want your opinions on everything here. If you are still undecided about anything, just recommend the "Don't care" option, if only temporarily.

5.) Please refrain from posting absolutely useless stuff like,"iOS 8 will be unveiled" or "OS X 10.10 will be flat". As many, many top notch sites have discussed over the past few months, some things such as are absolutely sure to happen and do not add to the discussion. I'd really appreciate it if the mods could step in here and delete useless posts.

Let the games begin!