Need to start over. But with what?

I banged my iPAD on the floor. Saw touch screen came out with tiny glass particles spread all over.

Why i did that is moot. Now It's damaged to a point that its beyond repair & there is nothing i can do to bring it back.

I loved my iPAD, i really did. And no words can explain how much pain i'm in & probably i would regret that **banging** episode my entire life unless i get a really worthy replacement.

What options do i have to make my life complete again? Should i try out the newest member from the iPAD family - iPAD Air? or It's time to move on to Android or even Windows tablet?

I have nothing againt other tablets, but since i have been using iPAD for a while now, I do not see a reason to move on. Unless, there are reasons i have overlooked.

Is there anything i can't do with iPAD that other tablet devices can? And before anybody answer this, i want to let you know that i use iPAD merely for casual purpose i.e. games, music, movies & mail. I guess those 4 things pretty much summarizes what i'm going to do with my new device as well.

Seeking out opinions.

Sincerely :)